What Your Guidance Counselor Won’t Tell You

Valedictorians are denied admission by elite institutions frequently.  According to 2009-2010 NCES data, there are more than 23,000 high schools in the U.S. and each one has a valedictorian. Further, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education, more than 35% of graduating seniors have an A average. There are a LOT of well-qualified applicants to […]

Your Senior Survey & Letter of Recommendation

Your high school counselor has a vested interest in assisting you during the college application process. One of the ways they support you is by writing a letter of recommendation about you to colleges. So how do they know what to write? Apart from meeting with you, guidance counselors use your responses to the “ […]

How to Fill out the Parent Brag Sheet

The parent’s brag sheet is one item guidance counselors use to write college recommendations for your student. The time and effort that you put into this document reaps important benefits in the college process. Nobody knows your student like you do, and now you have the opportunity to highlight their best qualities. At many public […]

Action Items By May 1

Congratulations on all of your success!! Make sure you take the next steps on or before May 1: Put down a deposit at the college or university that you will be attending, and if they need a second deposit for housing, send that in as soon as possible. Sign up for, and go to the […]

6 Important Facts about the College Process

What do Colleges Want to See? The rigor of your schedule and your grades are the most important factors during the review. Colleges take into account what was available to you, how much you challenged yourself by taking challenging courses like AP, honors and IB coursework, and your performance in your curriculum. Colleges want to […]

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Colleges Check Your Social Media

What does that mean to you? Carolynn Crabtree, President of Cornerstone Reputation shares these statistics: 67% of admissions officers surveyed searched for applicants on Facebook during the 2014­ – 2015 admissions season 40% found content about the applicant that left a negative impression 53% found content about the applicant left a positive impression 81% of schools […]

How to Make the Best Decision about Which College to Attend

Plan a visit, if you can’t decide which college to go to after being accepted. Tour your student’s top options before May 1, when acceptance deposits are due. Have them sit in on a class, see if they can stay with students in a dorm, sample the dining hall cuisine, and schedule a meeting with […]

Honors Programs Have Real Benefits

Many colleges and universities throughout the U.S have Honors Colleges or Honors Programs that are worth investigating. Such programs offer advantages to students that are in the top tier of the college’s applicants. Honors programs may have the best professors, smaller classes, early registration, better housing, more school events, and unique classes, and a cohort […]

Tune in for My Webinar on Merit Aid

You can now listen to the webinar in the video section of this website. How to Maximize Your Chances for Merit Aid Presented by Applerouth Tutoring Services and Annapolis College Consulting Merit aid can often create game-changing outcomes for students applying to college; yet many families are unsure of how to build merit scholarships into […]

How Many AP’s to Take Next Year?

In today’s competitive college atmosphere many families struggle with how many AP classes are right for their students. Everyone is different, and it is worth assessing who the student is before you decide. Below is an article by a colleague which discusses the issues well. Consider balance and interests when selecting APs in high school […]

College Search and Graduation Websites

College Search College Scorecard designed by our government to provide better insight on how well colleges are serving their students when it comes to access, affordability and outcomes post graduation.  The cost of college however is based on students receiving financial aid and is therefore misleading. With nearly 2,000 data points for 7,000+ schools in the […]

Successful College Outcomes with Grants

The escalating costs of colleges and the complex application process continue to frustrate and intimidate many high school students and their families.  College costs continue to rise much faster than inflation and many families are concerned about the cost of having their child attend college. I am often surprised by how much merit or grant […]

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can be a debilitating and stressful experience. As a student, you may be feeling frustrated by your inability to calm yourself down and put your test preparation to good use. As a parent, you might be feeling at a loss in your abilities to provide helpful advice. Never fear! Test anxiety is something […]

How to Find Great Scholarships

With the financial burden of college tuition weighing upon students and parents alike, the need for scholarships has become more important. While it seems simple enough to find scholarships, the process of finding good matches can seem like a daunting task. What are some of your choices? There’s a new app in our midst that […]

Preparation for Standardized Tests

Study Beforehand See where your weaknesses are and learn what you don’t know. Get comfortable with the format of the test so you can be ready for the type of questions that they ask. There is an enormous range of test prep choices available, from personalized tutoring to free resources, available online or at the local […]