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Financial Considerations when Choosing a College

What Will the College Actually Cost? When you receive your scholarship and financial awards from your colleges take the time to look at the school’s net price for you. That is Cost of Attendance – which is tuition, room, board, fees, books, etc. — (minus grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships). Separate any loans that the family […]

Researching a College

Check Graduation Rates Once you have a list of colleges that interest you, I recommend finding out what their graduation rates are. Sadly, the four year college graduation rate in the U.S. is 37%. For state colleges it is 31%. Since the main goal of college is receiving a degree, it is important to look […]

Visiting Colleges

Planning Plan your college visit ahead of time and see a number of suitable colleges in the same geographic area. You can use the website GoSeeCampus.com, and click on Trip Planner which can show you routing from one university to another, as well as nearby hotels. Also, when you input each college on the list it usually gives you links […]

Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Finding the right college fit requires matching multiple key characteristics. College visits are an important part of a well-rounded college research strategy. During a campus tour, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many buildings, programs and information that is given. Take a copy of this college visit questionnaire with you on your next campus tour and make the […]