How Many AP’s to Take Next Year?

In today’s competitive college atmosphere many families struggle with how many AP classes are right for their students. Everyone is different, and it is worth assessing who the student is before you decide. Below is an article by a colleague which discusses the issues well. Consider balance and interests when selecting APs in high school […]

Successful College Outcomes with Grants

The escalating costs of colleges and the complex application process continue to frustrate and intimidate many high school students and their families.  College costs continue to rise much faster than inflation and many families are concerned about the cost of having their child attend college. I am often surprised by how much merit or grant […]

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can be a debilitating and stressful experience. As a student, you may be feeling frustrated by your inability to calm yourself down and put your test preparation to good use. As a parent, you might be feeling at a loss in your abilities to provide helpful advice. Never fear! Test anxiety is something […]

How to Find Great Scholarships

With the financial burden of college tuition weighing upon students and parents alike, the need for scholarships has become more important. While it seems simple enough to find scholarships, the process of finding good matches can seem like a daunting task. What are some of your choices? There’s a new app in our midst that […]

Preparation for Standardized Tests

Study Beforehand See where your weaknesses are and learn what you don’t know. Get comfortable with the format of the test so you can be ready for the type of questions that they ask. There is an enormous range of test prep choices available, from personalized tutoring to free resources, available online or at the local […]

Writing Meaningful and Memorable College Essays

What makes a college essay/story interesting and compelling? Taking the reader into the scene, describing the moment, details, specificity, showing your knowledge of something that they do not know about. Before you become stifled by the prompts begin by using this exercise and see which experiences allow you to show your insights, your uniqueness. Start […]

Advice to My College Freshman

You have fabulous opportunities ahead of you, and there are many choices that you will have. Remember to focus on what is best for you in the long run, instead of what feels easy, or right at the moment. Have fun, but more importantly learn and grow so your future is brighter and fuller. Do […]

Art/Music Supplements Can Enhance Your College Application

Even if you are not majoring in art, music or film, supplements can enhance your application and paint a clearer picture of your passions, accomplishments, and personality for a college admissions counselor. Make Sure Your Potential Colleges Accept Additional Supplements Many universities will pass your work on to someone in a particular department. For example, Johns […]

Standardized Testing before College Applications are Due

Register for Standardized Tests Now Even if the submission date seems far away, there are many instances in which you might decide to submit earlier than expected. Applying to colleges early through Early Action will give you an advantage in both acceptances and in many instances, merit scholarships. Applying through Early Decision will give you […]

What is Your Kid’s Greatest Asset?

Athletic prowess, singing voice, acting ability? Perhaps it’s math aptitude, or writing? Their greatest asset is their capacity to create an income stream by building on their talents and natural abilities. This will benefit them significantly in the future as well as produce fulfillment. How as parents do we maximize their success? I have built Annapolis […]

How Much Money Colleges Spend per Student at Private Maryland Colleges

As a college consultant I am interested in looking at the different aspects of what universities offer my students. This article will look at the enormous spending disparity on students who attend different colleges. The metric that I am focusing on is Spending per Completion which is defined as: Spending per completion is estimated educational […]

pile of dollar bills

How Much Money Colleges Spend per Student, and the Differences are Significant!

Measures of Assessment: There are so many rankings, by so many companies, on so many topics, but I feel these metrics are worth knowing. Spending per completion is the estimated educational spending per academic degree (expenses related to instruction, student services, academic support, institutional support, operations and maintenance). It is fascinating to see the enormous […]


Maryland’s Public Colleges Graduation Rates, Surprising

Graduation Rate Details One of the main factors to research and consider when assessing a college is their graduation rate. To me, this is the strongest indicator of how well they are doing the job of graduating students, which after educating, is the the second most important characteristic. Before you see this surprising chart, realize that the average four year […]

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The Changing Paradigm of the College Education

Concepts from a talk given by Jose Antonio Bowen at the International Educational Consultants Association which I attended this past week. Since we have access to more knowledge on our cell phones than some college libraries possess, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are being offered free, what should students be getting by going to […]

How to Find a College that You Love

When Looking for a College, Start with the Important Characteristics: Determine location, size, cost, surroundings, appearance, and of course academic level. Finding a college that you love is similar to finding a house, it is not an exact science. Most of the time when you do fall in love you keep that feeling, although anywhere […]