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Maryland’s Public Colleges Graduation Rates, Surprising

Graduation Rate Details One of the main factors to research and consider when assessing a college is their graduation rate. To me, this is the strongest indicator of how well they are doing the job of graduating students, which after educating, is the the second most important characteristic. Before you see this surprising chart, realize that the average four year […]

The Changing Paradigm of the College Education

Concepts from a talk given by Jose Antonio Bowen at the International Educational Consultants Association which I attended this past week. Since we have access to more knowledge on our cell phones than some college libraries possess, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are being offered free, what should students be getting by going to […]

How to Find a College that You Love

When Looking for a College, Start with the Important Characteristics: Determine location, size, cost, surroundings, appearance, and of course academic level. Finding a college that you love is similar to finding a house, it is not an exact science. Most of the time when you do fall in love you keep that feeling, although anywhere […]

Summer Activities that Give You an Edge – Part 1

Part 1 Passion Pursuing something that you are passionate about not only provides you with depth, but also expands your scope. If you are an avid lacrosse player who loves the game, maybe teaching it to underprivileged younger students would bring you satisfaction. To make the experience possible you could start a donation program where […]

The Congressional Awards Program

Congressional Awards Program is a very unique and brilliant program where you lay out your goals and with the help of an advisor and validators you accomplish those objectives. “The Congressional Award, a public-private partnership, established by Congress in 1979 under Public Law 96-114, is a non-competitive program open to young people ages 14-23, regardless […]

Financial Considerations when Choosing a College

What Will the College Actually Cost? When you receive your scholarship and financial awards from your colleges take the time to look at the school’s net price for you. That is Cost of Attendance – which is tuition, room, board, fees, books, etc. — (minus grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships). Separate any loans that the family […]

Researching a College

Check Graduation Rates Once you have a list of colleges that interest you, I recommend finding out what their graduation rates are. Sadly, the four year college graduation rate in the U.S. is 37%. For state colleges it is 31%. Since the main goal of college is receiving a degree, it is important to look […]