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Visiting Vanderbilt University in Nashville



Seniors set up formal meeting with guidance counselor to review final college list.

Early Decision students, make sure all of the required info gets to the college before the deadline.

Seniors visit colleges in person or virtually.

See your guidance counselor to review and sign off on your high school transcript. Make sure all grades and courses listed are accurate. If you are applying to test-optional colleges, request that all test scores are removed from the transcript.

September 3: Standby deadline for September 11, 2021 ACT.

September 3: Registration deadline for October 2, 2021 SAT.

September 11: ACT.

September 21: Late registration deadline for October 2, 2021 SAT.

September 17: Registration deadline for October 23, 2021 ACT.



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We recommend Tutor Partners for your tutoring needs.Karima and her team are ready to help you through the e-school year.


Applerouth Tutoring

Applerouth is our national partner for SAT, ACT and Subject Testing.


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Financial Advisors

Ann Alsina of Covington Alsina is available to our clients to answer questions about saving for and paying for college without messing up your retirement. Having a financial plan early will make a big difference.

Recommended Reading

From an expert on higher education and the author of the New York Times bestseller There Is Life After College, comes a revealing look at college admissions that draws on embedded observations of admissions officers and yields practical advice and helpful strategies for navigating the system.
For many, the college admissions process feels like a zero-sum game. For frustrated parents and their heartbroken teenagers who’ve been rejected by their top school, searching and applying to college has become a nightmare. Admissions scandals are front-page news. But the reality is, there are plenty of spots available at US campuses for the nearly 2 million high school graduates who plan to attend college. In Who Gets In and Why higher education expert Jeffrey Selingo pulls back the curtain …

Source: Publisher

Fantastic Read!

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Interactive virtual tours of 80+ colleges and universities. All in one place, and all sourced from actual students at each school.CODE ANNAPCC-z21


Leading Directory for Teen Academic and Enrichment Opportunities. Summer Programs, Gap Year Programs, Community Service and more.

Tuition fit

You can compare offers from colleges with this unique tool. See what other similar students/families were offered from the same schools.


Visiting Colleges- Planning & Tips

Visiting Colleges- Planning & Tips

Planning It is always a good idea to see a number of suitable colleges in the same geographic area. If you are going to a college that you are really interested in, ALWAYS go and visit another nearby You never know when you will get that "...ooooh this is exactly...

“One of the best things about our academic collegiate system is that there is a college for everybody; the student will thrive in an appropriate  college.  And we know by now, that selective colleges do not guarantee financial or emotional success. Our mission is to help students find the appropriate colleges.”
Peggy Baker, M.Ed., CEP

We could not agree more. Our goal is to find the right FIT for your student and family: academically, socially, geographically and financially. It is absolutely fine that some colleges are highly selective with the students they choose. It is our job to help guide families in the right direction for THEIR STUDENT, not the neighbor’s, not the other family on the lacrosse field, not the one in the movies, nor the one that is popular in their particular circle. We have many, many amazing choices.  “The longer the runway, the smoother the take off.” Lee Norwood (and most pilots I know).

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TOP 12 Things Colleges Look For. Where Do You Start?

  “One of the best things about our academic collegiate system is that there is a college for everybody; the student will thrive in an appropriate  college.  And we know by now, that selective colleges do not guarantee financial or emotional success. Our mission...

Timing & Preparation: The Common Application

Timing & Preparation: The Common Application

The Common App Makes it Easy to Apply to Multiple Colleges and Universities, by Lee Norwood, Annapolis College Consulting, August 16th,2021  If you have not does so already, it's time to start thinking about things like your final college list and applications. In the...

Students Interested In Jewish Life On Campus

Hillel Virtual College Fair Hillel College Guide Hillel Magazine Sign Up Indiana University-Bloomington Jewish Studies KAHAL -Your Jewish Home Abroad Over 88 colleges nationally offer a degree in Jewish/Judaic Studies. Here are 3 schools with Jewish Affiliation:...

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