This spring certainly handed colleges a unique crisis to deal with. Covid-19 hit the US in ways no one predicted it would. In the world of higher education, it may have forever changed the way colleges and universities operate forever. We are doing the best we can with the information we have on hand and taking things day by day. One thing we don’t know is, “what will be the long-term effects on our students?”

In this video, a panel of Tulane graduates discuss what it was like to have college interrupted by Katrina and ways they may have looked at the situation differently upon reflection. They discuss the bond formed by students that are “all in this together” as well as share things they learned and the strength they gained from going through a unique event.

A natural disaster that effected a city may not be the same as a pandemic that will affect the lives of thousands of college students and their families, but it does mirror a group of people (students) who are dealing with a mess of things (Covid & college) and some may learn valuable lessons from these graduates (recovery & reflection). Please watch.