This is a MUST LISTEN TO podcast. So many of our families live and breathe the college rankings put out each year by US News & World Report. We think that this is not a good way to judge a college or university. When determining how “good” an institution, you have to take matters into your own hands by knowing what you are looking for beyond the ranking # that follows their name. The top three -ten colleges seem to just shuffle position each year…but the other institutions can really be treated unfairly by the peer rankings and are often ranked by other college leaders who have NEVER been on the campus, don’t know the curriculum, and may have no knowledge of anything that goes on at that institution.

LISTEN to Malcom Gladwell and his LORD OF THE RANKINGS podcast on Revisionist History

Fit is an important part of the college selection process. Your student will have the best 4-year journey if they are in the right place for them- which cannot be based on the PEER ASSESSMENT SCORE from US News & World Report. A college where your child will thrive, become a leader, do well in classes, explore many opportunities, and one that is in the right location, at the right price, is the best place for both your child and your family.

Who cares where a college ranks? Usually the person sitting next to you on the sidelines at your student’s soccer game. Or maybe the family who is and “IVY OR BUST” family (hint: the ivy league is an athletic conference and there are lots of other highly-selective schools out there that are not in this league). Often people are only aware of schools that have national reputations among lay-persons, colleges that are in their time zone, or colleges that are often depicted in movies.

There are over 4,000 colleges, not 25. Each one has an academic, geographical, social and financial fit for your family. What your kid does at the college, who they meet, and what they learn ranks much higher in my opinion that the # in this bias report.

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