Applying to college is a complex process so it is important that you stay on top of the different elements.

Congratulations you have made it this far, don’t slow down yet, and don’t allow anxiety or doubt to take a hold. We will all get through this process beautifully if you can stay focused. I am available to help you as long as you do your part, which I know that you can. Please read all these steps and take the time to implement them.

Input Your Activities Sheet into the Common Application – If you have not sent the finished version to me, please do it soon. This should be given to your teachers and guidance counselor so they can write stronger letters or recommendation. If not everything fits onto the Common Application pare down the wording, and reach out to me if you have questions.

Work on Your Essays – If we have not brainstormed themes, I would like to know what subject you are writing about before you put significant time into the essay. Pick an interesting topic that shows what you can contribute to a college. Here is an article which is helpful: . Essays take numerous revisions so please start them early. You cannot expect to leave it till the last minute and assume that I can review it that day. Some schools have supplemental essays, and some do not use the common application and have their own unique essay. Please stay on top of this.

Have Your List of Colleges Finalized Soon – If you still have questions about a few colleges, research them further. Here is an article on what to consider Peruse their website and call the admissions office to ask any questions that you cannot get answers to from the website. Visit the college if it is less than four hours away from where you live. Visiting is the best way to get a sense of the atmosphere and fit for you.

Demonstrate Interest in Your Top Colleges – If you missed this article, please read it

College Representatives Visiting Your School – A great way to show interest is to meet with the college representatives of the schools you are interested in, when they come to your school. That individual is going to be one of the people looking at your application to decide if you should be admitted. Dress well, look interested, ask an intelligent question, shake their hand at the end of the meeting, and ask for one of their business cards. Write them a thank you note and let them know why you are very interested in their institution.

Senior Surveys or Brag Sheets – Most high school guidance counselors ask you to fill these out. Do an excellent job on this. Many counselors use this document as a blueprint for what they write about you. Make it interesting, clear and positive. Also give your counselor a copy of your activities list to enhance your information.

Teacher Recommendations / Counselor Recommendations / Transcript Request Forms need to be requested two to three weeks before the college’s application deadline. I will be sending you a sheet to track your applications. You must make sure that you let everyone know when your deadlines are so that they will do their part. Find out what your school’s policy is on getting this done.

You Need to Send Test Scores to the Colleges – Test Scores can take up to three weeks to be sent to your colleges, so go on-line and fill out the form. Most schools allow you to choose which scores to send. If you have higher scores on different tests you might want to send all of them.

It seems like a lot, but doing it correctly should give you the outcome you desire!!!