Finding the right college fit requires matching multiple key characteristics. College visits are an important part of a well-rounded college research strategy.

During a campus tour, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many buildings, programs and information that is given.

Take a copy of this college visit questionnaire with you on your next campus tour and make the most out of your next college visit.

Ask the questions that are important to you, and write down your answers and impressions.

College Academics

  • Professor Availability: Does the university use teaching assistants for it’s large lectures? Is it important to be taught by a professor? Are professors or teaching assistants available if you have questions?
  • Popular Programs/Majors
    • Do they have what you want? If you change your major are their other good choices?
  • Classroom environment:
    • Are the lecture facilities comfortable?
    • How large are classes freshman year?
  • Internships
    • Does the College have opportunities in your area of interest?
    • Does the Career Center help you find Internships?
    • What percentage of Students do Internships?
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
    • Are you interested in visiting the areas that are on the college’s program?
    • Does it cost significantly more or is the cost the same to study abroad?
  • Available Technology
    • Wireless coverage on campus?
    • What types of devices can you use on the network?
    • Are there shared computers available for you to use?
  • Library Facilities and Resources
    • Can you see yourself studying there?
    • Do they have enough meeting rooms and study spaces?

Campus Life

  • Number of students enrolled (and is it a good size for you)?
  • Is there Greek life? – Fraternities and Sororities
  • What are the Special Campus Events?
  • How Many Students Live on Campus vs. commuting?
  • Is housing guaranteed all four years? (If not for how many years is it guaranteed?)
  • If the dorms are co-ed, is it by wing, floor, or every other room?
  • What are the best dorms on campus?
  • What happens on campus on the weekends? (Does it empty out or is there plenty to do?)
  • Can freshmen have cars? (Are cars necessary and easy to accommodate?)
  • Sporting Events – which ones are well attended? How is the school spirit?
  • Dining Facilities: Go see them and eat there. How is the atmosphere? How is the food?

Campus Setting

  • Location of College (City, State) and (Urban vs. Rural)
  • Surrounding Community (College Town) is it safe? Is it a place you want to spend time?
  • Distance from major cities and attractions that you want
  • Activities on campus and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Is the student body diverse or does one type dominate?

Look of the College

  • How good is the quality of the Dorms and Nearby Housing
  • Lecture Halls & Classrooms
  • Is there easy Access and Transportation from your home and to classes
  • Libraries – What are their hours?
  • Security & Safety – What is the crime rate? Theft rate?
  • Current Construction Projects show that money is being spent.
  • How Well Are Current Facilities Maintained?
  • Recreation and/or Fitness Centers would you want to workout there?

Admission Criteria

  • What are the College’s Requirements and What Should  you Include with the Application
  • Are you a good fit for this college given your GPA & Test Scores
  • What Scholarships and Grants are Offered
  • Student Support/Counseling Center

General Questions for Current Students

  • What is one positive feature about this college?
  • What is one negative feature about this college?
  • What outstanding professors or courses might the tour guide recommend regardless of a student’s major?
  • What is the quality of faculty advising?
  • How is the student turnout and spirit at sporting events?

Your Overall Notes

  • What features (activities, traditions, location) pertaining to the student experience sound appealing?
  • Is there anything you didn’t like about this particular college?
  •  Is there anything else you would like to know about the school?
  • Use this space for other notes about this college:

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