This year was different than any other we have seen in the college admissions world. COVID changed things on a global level and less students applied to college this year than previously. Those who did apply, applied to significantly more schools than they should have, in our option. Highly selective colleges become “highly rejective” and some lesser-known, yet amazing schools, are still enrolling students right now because their application pool was smaller than usual.

At the end of the day, we believe that students land where they are supposed to (if they start with an appropriate list) and life goes on. But the tears and cheers this year were significant. Today, I saw this quote from a colleague and believe it is poignant.

“One of the best things about our academic collegiate system is that there is a college for everybody; the student will thrive in an appropriate  college.  And we know by now, that selective colleges do not guarantee financial or emotional success. Our mission is to help students find the appropriate colleges.”
Peggy Baker, M.Ed., CEP

We could not agree more. Our goal is to find the right FIT for your student and family: academically, socially, geographically and financially. It is absolutely fine that some colleges are highly selective with the students they choose. It is our job to help guide families in the right direction for THEIR STUDENT, not the neighbor’s, not the other family on the lacrosse field, not the one in the movies, nor the one that is popular in their particular circle. We have many, many amazing choices. 

“The longer the runway, the smoother the take off.” Lee Norwood (and most pilots I know).