What is Your Kid’s Greatest Asset?

Athletic prowess, singing voice, acting ability? Perhaps it’s math aptitude, or writing?

Their greatest asset is their capacity to create an income stream by building on their talents and natural abilities. This will benefit them significantly in the future as well as produce fulfillment. How as parents do we maximize their success?

I have built Annapolis College Consulting around achieving this goal. My end game is not just college, it is their future.

Each student is different, so I start by understanding who they are through an MBTI-based assessment personality assessment. In a counseling session we discuss what their natural tendencies are, their strengths and their blind spots. This discussion helps us to assess which environments will benefit them in college and in the work place. The outcomes are tied to a database of professions that might be a good fit for them. The database even shows if their field of interest is growing or shrinking, if they are hiring in different areas of the country, and what the starting, median, and ending salaries are for that occupation. Some even describe what types of tasks and skills are involved in the occupation.

Next we look at finding colleges that meet their specifications and your budget. That list can be refined and enhanced as they visit colleges and gain more knowledge. By sending students frequent e-mails on the process my students go into situations with confidence and the tools necessary to get the most out of my college consulting.

Learning how to interview effectively is a skill which makes an enormous impact for the rest of their lives. I have gotten almost every job that I have interviewed for, above far more qualified candidates. It is a skill and a very important one not only in the college process but in the working world.

My success with students receiving significant merit aid is based on a detailed understanding of the college process, and knowing what colleges are looking for in students. I take each student and use their accomplishments to show the college why that student would be an asset on their campus. Through college consulting I also help my students find unique experiences that enhance their resumes, based on their interests. Many teens do not see how the relevance of their experiences will work to their benefit. My counseling shows them this, and how to apply this knowledge to sell themselves.

Last year my small group of students received offers of over $1,000,000 in merit scholarships and through the years, 85% have been accepted into their first choice school. 95% of my students have stayed at the school in which they started, and 90% have graduated on time.

Using Annapolis College Consulting means that students and parents have to spend less of their time, because of my knowledge and streamlined process. So many parents have told me how much more pleasant and overall, better, the college process is with me managing it.

Most importantly, I try to empower students and give them skills to be successful, not just in the college process, but for the rest of their lives. Working so that each student has a better chance of loving their college experience, understanding their strengths and taking advantage of them, and therefore being successful. Together, we can build their assets for the future.

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