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Two local female entrepreneurs with many years of experience advising college-bound teens have launched a virtual online college consulting business aimed at helping motivated high school students and their parents tackle the journey to college. Lee Norwood and Marcy Cowan offer bite-sized videos and audio on their educational platform, focusing on How to Pay for College; Creating the College List; How to Stand Out; Creating Your Best Essays; and Ins and Outs of Applying to College.

The company, known as College Sharks, is affiliated with Norwood’s Annapolis College Consulting business, which offers one-on-one consulting to high school students. College Sharks is offered at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one consulting while providing useful, robust, and well-curated information to help parents and students “take a bite” out of the ever-increasingly competitive college application process. 

Lee and Marcy have over 30 years of experience working with high school students on the path to higher education. Their students have been accepted into hundreds of colleges and universities and received millions of dollars in merit money. 

While a powerful and cost-effective resource for all college-bound teens and their parents, College Sharks is an especially useful tool for first-gen, expat, and international families who “don’t know what they don’t know” about the often obscure and complex world of applying to college in the U.S. 

“To our knowledge, there’s not a platform out there to compare with College Sharks in terms of content and price,” said Norwood. “Each month, our video and audio lessons reflect what students should be doing at that moment on the college application timeline.”

Added Cowan, “In addition to offering top-notch content, we reduce family stress by guiding students and their parents through the entire college application process. Just sign up and follow our program – no more arguing with your teen about test taking, drafting college essays, completing applications and meeting deadlines.” 

A free two-week trial is available by signing up at and the full ocean of content for the Class of 2025 is only $600.

Lee Norwood and Annapolis College Consulting are proud members of the following industry organizations:

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