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Our team is the perfect blend of experienced professionals who focus on your college requirements. Hundreds of students and millions in Merit Aid offers, ACC has helped students across the country find the right college for them.

The college application process can be overwhelming for both the student and their family. Our primary focus is on making your journey as stress-free as possible by leveraging tools, sharing information from the many college visits that we conduct every year, and applying a wealth of real-world experience gained from our work with other students.

Lee Norwood

Lee Norwood is a successful entrepreneur, and a published author with majors in Business/Marketing and English from Elon University. She has visited over 40 colleges and worked with >100 students since joining ACC.

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  Lee Norwood is a successful entrepreneur and a published author with two bachelor’s degrees in Business/Marketing and English from Elon University. Her energy, connections, humor, knowledge, and talents are expanding our reach and bringing amazing partners to the ACC family. 

Lee excels at connecting with students and bringing out the best in them. She creates opportunities for growth that matches their interests (non-profit and business internships, local and state connections, creative opportunities) and builds consistency within their application.

Lee also loves helping students find their authentic voice and craft unique, meaningful essays that resonate with college admissions offices. Lee is also a social media guru and produces many of our videos for our YouTube channel that are accessible for the public. She keeps everyone laughing throughout the process and our Instagram is a wonderful example of staying relevant with a dose of humor. Lee@annapoliscollegeconsulting.com

Dave Morris

The founder of College Athletic Advisor brings experience coaching in NCAA Division I, II, and III; as well as the NAIA and the NJCAA. With over two decades of experience as an educator, coach, and consultant, Dave brings deep experience in college counseling and admissions from every side of the planning desk.

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 A graduate of the University of Michigan, with a master’s degree from Frostburg (MD) State University, he has coached, taught, and served as an academic advisor and admissions recruiter for public colleges, elite private universities, including Emory, and in nationally recognized high school and club programs. He lives in Tumwater, WA with his wife Sharon and 6 year old daughter, Sydney.

EmilIE Mobley

Associate Member, IECA. Since her graduation from Elon College, Emilie just hasn’t stopped working, volunteering, and learning. She received her AMI certificate from the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee.

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Emilie’s work history includes many years as an Elementary Montessori teacher. Emilie has worked with businesses large and small and volunteered her time with a variety of non-profits. And her love of animals motivated her to become a First Responder for Red Rover with a FEMA certification.

She’s also worked for several large corporations, including Coca Cola, Home Depot, and Coldwell Banker Realty. Her professional life has afforded her many opportunities to showcase her communication talents. She has written professional bios, blogs, marketing pieces, and 3 hour continuing education courses approved by the State of Illinois. Her most recent, professional endeavor involves college consulting.

We are glad to have Emilie as part of our team. When it comes to guiding our students with personal statements, resumes, and essays, she is brings her experience, expertise, talent, energy, and enthusiasm.

By the way, her love and obsession with everything written goes with her everywhere. This includes the grocery store where she has been known to edit signs with her Sharpie. Along with her beloved Sharpie, Emilie brings many, valuable skills with her to Annapolis College Consulting. cacollegeconsulting@gmail.com

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin has 12+ years experience as a university admissions officer and college access counselor. He has mentored and coached thousands of students, connected with hundreds of student organizations and dozens of high school counselors, conducted admissions and financial aid workshops, and served as a panelist at PowHERful Foundation conferences in Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Atlanta. Co-founded by Soledad O’Brien, PowHERful empowers young women to pursue higher education.
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After serving in the US Army, Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in English from William Paterson University. His friendly, open demeanor and genuine interest in each and every family he serves have allowed students to find their voice setting themselves apart from crowded applicant pools. ACC is proud to have Kevin as part of its expert team of advisors.

Cori Dykman

Since 2008 Cori has visited over 185 colleges, taken multiple courses, done extensive research, and has given talks and a webinar on college related issues.

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Cori Dykman is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School. She worked in the computer industry for many years and has been very involved in volunteering in the public schools system including at the Anne Arundel County Board of Education. She is an educational consultant who relates exceptionally well to teens and understands adolescent and parental issues. Her warm tailored approach seem to consistently make the difference for the students she coaches. She is a professional member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) which is the most prestigious organization for educational consulting, in order to keep industry standards high and stay updated on this constantly changing and nuanced process. cori@annapoliscollegeconsulitng.com.

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