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Hello everyone! My name is Charlie and I am excited to announce that I am a part of the Duke class of 2025. I am super excited about next fall, especially the FOCUS programs and the writing 101 classes that all Trinity undergrads take. The writing 101 class is basically a writing course, but each class is assigned a topic that varies from Love in Medieval Europe to Capitalism vs. the Climate. Currently, I am planning on majoring in neuroscience, and it helped that I had an idea for my major when writing my “Why Duke?” supplemental. Lee was able to help me choose schools that were right for me and guide me through the application process. What really meant a lot to me was how she supported my dreams and goals but gave me current statistics and facts to help me decide. I am so glad that I have ended up as a member of the Duke University Class of 2025, I know it is where I am meant to be!

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 Ann Alsina of Covington Alsina is available to our clients to answer questions about saving for and paying for college without messing up your retirement. Having a financial plan early will make a big difference. 

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From an expert on higher education and the author of the New York Times bestseller There Is Life After College, comes a revealing look at college admissions that draws on embedded observations of admissions officers and yields practical advice and helpful strategies for navigating the system.
For many, the college admissions process feels like a zero-sum game. For frustrated parents and their heartbroken teenagers who’ve been rejected by their top school, searching and applying to college has become a nightmare. Admissions scandals are front-page news. But the reality is, there are plenty of spots available at US campuses for the nearly 2 million high school graduates who plan to attend college. In Who Gets In and Why higher education expert Jeffrey Selingo pulls back the curtain …

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Ready to visit schools virtually or in person? Get the scoop on where to eat, sleep, and play when visiting. Many of our students are Scoops ambassadors. 25% discount for ACC clients


The Leading Directory for Teen Academic and Enrichment Opportunities. Summer Programs, Gap Year Programs, Community Service and more.


Resources & Websites for Your Family

Resources & Websites for Your Family

EXPLORING COLLEGES FROM AFAR College Scoops: College Scoops provides parents of college-bound students with the resources they need to save time, money and stress when planning a college trip. 140+ college guides  65+ college eBooks  800+ student and parent College...

Summer Plans- Join This Virtual Opportunity Fair

Summer Plans- Join This Virtual Opportunity Fair

Similar to an in-person fair, students will get exposure to a wide variety of summer opportunties in a short amount of time.  Event Details The sessions will be hosted over a three hours period on a single day. The 6x6 event format consists of three sessions and each...

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