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Important Resources for Being Prepared, Applying, and Deciding for Your College of Choice.

Juniors SPRING

  1. Share your test scores with us.
  2. Try a practice ACT through Applerouth at the link below.
  3. Confirm Summer Plans
  4. Register for Senior Classes- A strong schedule will really count!
  5. VISIT LOCAL SCHOOLS – Start building your college list
  6. Consider which teachers you will ask for recommendations
  7. Book April & May meetings
  8. Send sports resumes and videos to college coaches.
  9. Start your fine art and performing art portfolios


Picking Classes for Senior Year- THE CORE 4 FOUR

Picking Classes for Senior Year- THE CORE 4 FOUR

For most students, it’s time to choose your senior year classes. Anticipating “Senioritis,” many of the teens we work with want to take a half-day senior year and drop their foreign language. Most distressingly, they want to circumvent “Core 4 Four:” taking the 5 core...

Important Resources

Annapolis College Consulting partners with businesses to provide helpful tools and resources  needed to be better prepared for your college application.

Tutoring Support

Tutor Partners

We recommend Tutor Partners for your tutoring needs.Karima and her team are ready to help you through the e-school year.


Applerouth Tutoring

Applerouth is our national partner for SAT, ACT and Subject Testing.


Additional College Tools


Interactive virtual tours of 80+ colleges and universities. All in one place, and all sourced from actual students at each school.

LIFESTREAM Digital Media

Empowering students to simplify, organize, and plan their
digital portfolio for application success!

Front Porch Travel Co.

Teen Life

Financial Resources – Affording College

Financial Advisors

Ann Alsina of Covington Alsina is available to our clients to answer questions about saving for and paying for college without messing up your retirement. Having a financial plan early will make a big difference.

Tuition fit

You can compare offers from colleges with this unique tool. See what other similar students/families were offered from the same schools. Subscribe to the newsletter NOW and for the tool once we start comparing college costs.

Partnerships and Community Involvement

Get the skills, networking, and confidence you need to succeed as you move ahead to college

Annapolis College Consulting partners with businesses, non-profits, and other professionals to provide students with internships, resources, and training needed to be prepared for the college application and admissions process.

Help Articles - Quick Reads

Useful information that's worth reading and will help in your college application process

Your Junior Year Preparations

Go West My Friends- 26 Colleges You May Love

Go West My Friends- 26 Colleges You May Love

Let's take a trip to the Pacific Northwest and see what college life may have in store for you. Today, we have a focus on Montana State University and thanks to Mike Ouert ‘05 Director of Admissions, you will see an in-depth view of this OUTSIDE university....

Visiting Colleges- Planning & Tips

Visiting Colleges- Planning & Tips

Planning It is always a good idea to see a number of suitable colleges in the same geographic area. If you are going to a college that you are really interested in, ALWAYS go and visit another nearby You never know when you will get that "...ooooh this is exactly...

College Admissions Your Senior Year

Recent Posts

College Prep for a Homeschooler

College Prep for a Homeschooler

by Adriane Donkers, ACC Counselor If you are a high school homeschooler, you may be wondering how you should be helping your student prepare for college and college applications. One of the biggest concerns of homeschool families is whether their student will be...



by Marcy Cowan @ Annapolis College Consulting In the good old days when your grandparents and parents were going to college, majors were pretty standard stuff. Engineering, math, biology, English literature, world history, French, or something comparable. Majors...

Common App Essay Prompts Stay the SAME 2023!

The Common App folks recently announced that, for the 2022-23 application cycle, essay prompts will remain the same as last year. Article by Marcie Cowan Following is the full set of essay prompts for the coming admissions cycle: Some students have a background,...

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