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At Annapolis College Consulting we know how important it is to find the college that is the right fit, that is why offer our services in a variety of packages to meet your individual needs.

96% of Our Students Got Into Their Top 3 Schools!

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Concierge Package
1:1 College Consulting

Our premium package helps your family from now through success. We will help your family navigate the often stressful waters of the college application process. Differentiating your student through their activities, essays, and the college application. We find the right fit academically, socially, geographically and financially.

Highly Selective Comprehensive Program

This program is for students who are interested in the most selective schools. In order to compete in this highly-competitive arena, we help the student differentiate themselves. The package includes the Comprehensive Program plus a unique research project, a quick prep test prep program and additional essay work.

10 Hour Package

Essay Corner

Brainstorming the best college essays is our jam. Choose the package you need.

Join College sharks



ACC is pleased to offer our new, affordable, online college consulting platform for parents and college-bound teens.  Join the platform and get monthly, bite-sized chunks of information and the tools you need, when you need them.

Give your student the leg up they need in the often challenging college admissions process.




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On-Line Tutoring

Our 4 distinct ACT and SAT courses offer a clear, proven study plan, customizable subject-level strategies that get students the score they want.

Tutor Partners

We recommend Tutor Partners for your tutoring needs.Karima and her team are ready to help you through the e-school year.



Empowering students to simplify, organize, and plan their
digital portfolio for application success!

College Scoops

ACC2023 $20 off membership

Interactive virtual tours of 80+ colleges and universities. All in one place, and all sourced from actual students at each school.

Financial Advisors

Ann Alsina of Covington Alsina is available to our clients to answer questions about saving for and paying for college without messing up your retirement. Having a financial plan early will make a big difference.

Tuition Fit

You can compare offers from colleges with this unique tool. See what other similar students/families were offered from the same schools. Subscribe to the newsletter NOW and for the tool once we start comparing college costs.

Partnerships and Community Involvement

Get the skills, networking, and confidence you need to succeed as you move ahead to college

Annapolis College Consulting partners with businesses, non-profits, and other professionals to provide students with internships, resources, and training needed to be prepared for the college application and admissions process.

Help Articles - Quick Reads

Useful information that's worth reading and will help in your college application process

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You Got Deferred…Now What?

You Got Deferred...Now What? You worked hard over the Summer. You rocked your supplemental essays. You applied early to the schools on your list. And then the news; you got deferred from your dream school. What? You had super high scores! Your mom went to that school!...


Getting deferred is not the end of the world. The college application process is stressful for the student and the admissions department. Sometimes they need a bit more time to compare you to the students in the regular decision pool before they can give you a “yes”.

Deferred…it is NOT the end.

Deferred…it is NOT the end.

Your college application finds itself in the realm of uncertainty—deferred. The initial wave of early admissions has unfolded, and while some celebrate acceptance and others confront rejection, you linger in a state of limbo. It's a peculiar space in college...

Transferring From Community College

Transferring From Community College

Finding the right-fit college is important for every student. While a 4-year college is right for some students, a community college may be the place to start for other students. This article is a great summary of what you may encounter by starting with community...

Super Test Scores & Other Testing Lingo

Super Test Scores & Other Testing Lingo

"Super Scores," "Subscores," "Scaled Scores"... We've all heard these terms, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of standardized testing, feeling like you need a dictionary just to grasp the terminology. But fear not, we're fluent in this language, and...

The Turkey Trick: Gobbling up College Applications before Thanksgiving!

The Turkey Trick: Gobbling up College Applications before Thanksgiving!

It’s just about Thanksgiving and it’s wise to spend this break from school working on college admissions essays for the Regular Decision cycle. This applies to all students — even those who applied through Early Decision and Early Action policies. Why’s that, you ask? Because you won’t have time to write strong admissions essays to a host of schools to which you apply Regular Decision after you find out your Early Decision or Early Action decision(s).

Top 10 Best College Campuses in Fall by FAST WEB

Top 10 Best College Campuses in Fall by FAST WEB

It’s Fall Y’all! This is the most beautiful time to visit college campuses with your teen. New England will absolutely be at its very best, Put on your favorite sweatshirt and hit the road. Remember to have our Annapolis College Consulting college research questionnaire in hand and to take lots of photos.

The 25 Most Competitive Colleges in 2023-2024

The 25 Most Competitive Colleges in 2023-2024 July 25, 2023 As we step into the 2023-2024 academic year, the landscape of American college admissions remains fiercely competitive, particularly at the upper echelons of academia. Institutions often categorized as...