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No matter where you are on your path to college acceptance, we can help add your story to our growing list of successful outcomes. Take the first step to a brighter future and request a free meeting with us today.

We Find the Right Fit

We use a personality assessments to learn more about each student, and give them insight into what their strengths and weaknesses are. This information gives you possible majors as well as potential careers, and is tied to a national database to help you research those careers.

Our advice is tailored to the individual needs of each client, but our goal is always the same – admission to a college that the student loves that fits academically, socially, geographically and financially.  92% of our students have been accepted by their first choice college.

Choose a College You Love

The cost of a Bachelor’s Degree starts at $40,000, and can rise to over $280,000 for 4 years at some private colleges. This is a major investment, and having expert counseling can make an enormous difference financially and emotionally.

While nobody can make guarantees about future results, our students have received significant merit-based scholarships. In 2019 they were awarded over $3 million dollars in merit scholarship money & 2020 awards were upward of $4.6 million – in most cases this has been a wonderful return on investment for the families who have hired us, more than covering the cost of our services.

In addition to the financial benefits, we also help students grow as individuals, worry less during this potentially stressful process, and get admitted to colleges where they can thrive.

Personal Attention



Each student that we work with receives personalized college coaching because we only work with a a limited number of students each year. In contrast to a guidance counselor who may have hundreds of students on their roster, we get to know each of our students well.

This in-depth knowledge enables us to focus on the areas of their college preparation that need the most attention.

Every student has unique needs – whether it’s developing ideas for essays, expanding their resume and extra-curricular activities, or coaching on interview skills, we can help.

Our graduate school expert also specializes in the BSMD programs and has a tailored approach for any student interested in pre-professional programs.


Apply to the Right College


 Selecting a college that aligns with their goals and desires can be one of the most complicated decisions that a young adult has made in their lifetime. Our educational consulting helps students navigate the vast sea of choices with the following strategies:

We use a Myers Briggs Type Indicator to understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and discuss the findings to give us both insight into their natural tendencies and uniqueness.
We offer a unique college preference activity and provide a list of colleges tailored to each student’s unique abilities, interests, grades and goals.

We believe that price is an important part of the process and work with families to fully understand where their budget will fit in.

Review strategies for conducting effective college visits, and provide tools to help the students objectively evaluate each potential school.
Discuss admissions requirements for schools of interest and help to narrow the pool to those most aligned with the student’s academic history.

Improve Your Chance of Admission

Selecting the correct schools is only part of the challenge. Using our college coaching skills to empower each student by teaching them how to make the right choices, market themselves, and interview effectively gives them a significant advantage.
Assist in developing a resume/activities list to highlight the student’s distinctive strengths and special achievements.
Compare the different standardized testing options to determine whether the student should focus on the SAT, ACT, or SAT II’s
Discuss test preparation options, including cost-effective or free review strategies.
Discuss approaches for writing essays and personal statements, help the student to identify and highlight their unique strengths, brainstorm ideas, assist with topic selection and provide feedback on the writings prior to submission.
Conduct practice interviews to make our students more effective and comfortable with college admission interviews.

Reduce Stress for a Positive Outcome



While all of our college consulting services inherently help to reduce the stress on the student and their family, we also do some other things that are specifically designed to help in this area:


  • Our counseling system works effectively and keeps the students moving smoothly through the process with the knowledge that they have an expert who cares about their success.
  • We strive to help the student become more self-aware and build their confidence as they tackle this very important milestone.
  • Having us keep the students on course allows the parent/child relationship to be healthier and less stressful.
  • We assess your budget and help you choose schools on your list that fit FINANCIALLY as well as geographically, socially, and academically.
  • We love what we do. Even once the process is over, we stay in touch with many of our students who then host our next group when they visit colleges. 
  • We smooth the college transition for everyone.

What Do Colleges Look For?

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