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We believe there is a college for every student and we help find the right fit, at the right price, in the right location, with the right vibe. Hundreds of students find their dream college and maximize merit aid by working with us. 




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This year we helped 23 families in the Class of 2020 find the right fit college and our students were awarded over $3.78 million in Merit Aid offers. 

College is a major investment for most families, and choosing a college consultant who finds you the right schools can save you money. This year our students received over $3,000,000. and were accepted into 81 different colleges.
Having an expert who knows the college process, and takes the time to coach and empower students has made a significant difference for our clients. Last year 90% of our students received merit scholarships based on their applications. This gave the families we worked with a great return on our college coaching services.
Nationally 33% of students leave the college they started at before their second year, and only 39% of students graduate from their original college in 4 years, with 59% graduating in 6 years. Those are costly statistics as it lengthens the graduation cycle and many students never graduate. 90% of my college students have graduated on time and stayed at the college they started at.

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My student was accepted to Case Western Reserve with a $60,000 merit aid scholarship, while other students who had the same GPA and SAT scores were rejected. She was shocked to see this on the College Board’s website. Having an expert in college counseling makes a difference in the college process!

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Our team is the perfect blend of experienced professionals who focus on your college requirements. Hundreds of students and millions in Merit Aid offers, ACC has helped students across the country find the right college for them.

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We make the college application process worry free and fun. Our team of professionals are an amazing blend of talents that have a deep understanding about college and university requirements. We work hard to find the right fit.


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A resource of information for your college decision making. We work tirelessy to keep up-to-date with the latest information on college admissions so you don’t.

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