Hello Annapolis College Consulting Families! Have You Heard About Our New “College Sharks”?

We have a fantastic new product – College Sharks – we want to tell you about. It’s an online educational platform to navigate the college process in small “bites” at an amazing price. It’s an affordable alternative to traditional private college counseling.  Read on to learn more. 

What Is “College Sharks”?

College Sharks is among the most powerful college counseling communities in the country! We’re an online educational platform coupled with a Facebook Group that we’ve created especially for parents navigating the college admissions process with their teens. Www.facebook.com/groups/collegesharks 

Each month, we offer 4 to 5 short video “bites” of timely, curated information about what your student should be doing NOW to keep on track with college applications. Our “bite-sized” videos focus on PAYING FOR COLLEGE, HOW TO STAND OUT, CREATING A BALANCED COLLEGE LIST, WRITING THE MOST IMPACTFUL ESSAYS, TESTING, and APPLYING. 

While most of our kids start in the fall of Junior Year and stay with us through the end of Senior Year, highly motivated students can start in Freshman or Sophomore Year. 

Starting in June, look for our new ESSAY CORNER, where students will complete their Common App Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays before summer’s over, so they have more time to enjoy Senior Year! And don’t miss the SUMMER SPRINT, a 3-month condensed program to get your main college application completed before Senior Year begins.

What Does A College Sharks Membership Include?

  • Stress-lowering confidence that you and your family know what to do and when. 
  • Direct access to the College Sharks for answers to your college admissions questions.
  • Monthly videos on the college process, including sought-after guest experts in the college field, instructing you on what you should be doing NOW. 
  • Special Quarterly Deep Dives into What’s Happening Today at Colleges.
  • A workbook to supplement and reinforce the video lessons.
  • Special resources to augment video lessons.
  • Access to our private college counseling add-on services.
  • A like-minded Facebook community to rely on.

Here is a sample of the Junior Year March bites!

What Are Your Private College Counseling Add-On Services? 

Our private college counseling add-on services are optional and are purchased separately. They include:

  • Private Comprehensive One-on-One Counseling 
  • College List Development
  • Essay Brainstorming and Editing (Personal Statement & Supplementals)
  • Application Reviews
  • And many more!


Who are College Sharks For?

College Sharks is designed for students, parents, grandparents, caregivers, and families of high school Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors looking for affordable college admissions guidance and training from professional college counselors.

How Much Does College Sharks Cost?

NOT VERY MUCH! WE WANT TO HELP AS MANY FAMILIES AS POSSIBLE! Membership to our group for Juniors is $49 per month, or $600 for Fall of Junior Year through the end of Senior Year. Membership for Freshmen and Sophomores is $149 for a 3-month jumpstart. Add-on services are billed separately. 

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Our parent company, Annapolis College Consulting, has been in business for 12 years, and our consultants have over 50 years working with hundreds of college-bound teens on a one-on-one basis. We have navigated our students toward their perfect-fit schools, and have helped them obtain over $18 million in merit aid with an average of $60,000 per student. We visit dozens and dozens of colleges and universities each year, and have the most current information possible. We swim circles around the competition!


College Sharks is a new (just launched!) extremely affordable alternative to one-on-one counseling, and is for families who don’t want to pay for one-on-one services, or who want to do a bit of the college exploration process on their own with our guidance. 

What People Are Saying About College Sharks

Beta Testing Families are thrilled with College Sharks! Here are some comments:

“I wish I would have had this for my other two kids. I’m a smart, stay-at-home mom and thought I could manage this college process myself. Well, I didn’t do it very well. I’m shocked to admit how much I didn’t know.”


“We love the short 10-15 minute format. I watch it myself, and then tell my son to go watch. I’ve been bugging him for months to start working on his college list, and he started immediately after watching that particular video.”


“Thank you so much for your audio presentation on Stress and the Holidays. I wish I had listened to that before Christmas. All the stress of waiting for Early Decision notifications put our household in turmoil and kept us from having very much fun together.” 


“You guys have such deep knowledge about the college process, yet you’re so approachable.”


THE COLLEGE PROCESS HAS CHANGED SINCE YOU WERE IN SCHOOL! We hope you’ll give College Sharks a try! Click here for a free 14-day trial. www.collegesharks.com

Want to sample the content?

Your College Sharks,

Lee Norwood and Marcy Cowan