Welcome to the Parent Brag Sheet, where you’re invited to spotlight your child’s unique journey, talents, and character. This questionnaire, usually provided by your high school, is a chance to offer valuable insights that can make a significant difference in your child’s college application process.

Your Insider Perspective Matters: As a parent, you possess a wealth of knowledge about your child that extends far beyond what can be captured in transcripts or test scores. Your insights are invaluable in helping guidance counselors craft compelling Letters of Recommendation.

A Personalized Touch in a Sea of Applications: With many counselors handling hundreds of students, the personal touch you provide through the Brag Sheet can make your child stand out. Highlighting their uniqueness, creativity, and resilience paints a fuller picture for admissions committees.

Show, Don’t Just Tell: Be specific and share anecdotes or examples to illustrate your child’s qualities and achievements. From community service to overcoming challenges, each story adds depth and authenticity to the application.

Strategic Storytelling: Choose traits and experiences that demonstrate your child’s potential to thrive in a college environment. Whether it’s leadership skills, resilience, or compassion, showcase what makes them an asset to any campus community.

Honesty and Positivity: Be honest in your reflections, but also maintain a positive tone throughout. Celebrate your child’s successes and growth while addressing any challenges with objectivity and optimism.

Addressing Uniqueness and Adversity: Use the Brag Sheet to highlight any unusual circumstances or challenges your child has faced. This can provide context and perspective for their achievements and personal growth.

Emphasize Real-life Accomplishments: Beyond academic achievements, focus on defining moments and real-life challenges your child has tackled. These experiences showcase their character and resilience in ways that go beyond traditional accolades.

Deepening Understanding: The Brag Sheet offers a chance to paint a comprehensive portrait of your child, reinforcing what school records may indicate. By providing a deeper understanding of who they are, you empower counselors to advocate effectively on your child’s behalf.

In essence, the Parent Brag Sheet is your opportunity to share the unique story of your child—a story that goes beyond grades and test scores. Your insights provide a window into their character, passions, and potential, guiding counselors in crafting a compelling narrative that can shape their college journey.

Click here to download our TIPS FOR THE PARENT BRAG SHEET – a parents guide to completing the form.

flier containing tips for completing the parent brag sheet for college applications

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