This summer can define you!

The summer is a wonderful time to kick back, relax, visit friends and family, hit the beach, go on a mission trip and discover more about yourself.
It is also a great time to do a deep dive into your interests. If you need ideas, our friends at Teen Life always have great ones. Attached here is the TEEN LIFE Magazine guide to summer programs. 

TeenLife Summer Programs

6 Hints for a successful summer:

  1. You do not need to spend tons of money or even leave your backyard to make an impact this summer. But do try to get involved in something bigger than yourself. Look for situations that you can improve, help your community, join something new, and take some time to develop an interest that you have. It looks good! Here is a YouTube video featuring Lee Norwood regarding unique summer activities. Watch here. 
  2. Be Focused. Colleges are interested in students with a focused interest. I think this can be difficult because many 16-17-year-olds are unsure about what they want to study or be when they grow up; take the summer to investigate businesses, careers, and ideas that you find interesting and motivating. Maybe you will meet a mentor and have great discussions about their business and/or education path? Eyes and ears open!
  3. Be responsible. Babysitting is the ultimate responsibility and colleges know this. Camp counseling can be super fun and will provide a peek into your leadership skills and people management techniques. If someone provides you with an opportunity to show leadership, take it.
  4. If you are traveling this summer, take a journal and document what you see and do. On vacation, you may find many new ideas for your college essay by simply being present and in tune with the world around you. Choose an author from the area you will be in Hemmingway while in Key West, Peter Miele while in France. Make every day count and build your story.
  5. Are politics for you? It is an election year and most candidates would love to have a teen on their staff. Reach out, interview them, write an OP-ED for the local paper, and go with them on door-knocking days. The opportunities to effect local change here are immense.
  6. Take time to relax and be with friends and family. This is the ultimate goal! You worked hard in school, just came out of a pandemic and you are a kid.


Vacations are a great time to think and explore.

Hint for highly-selective majors or university applications.

      1. If you want to be a physician, you need to do research.  There are resources to shadow physicians, volunteer at your local hospital, or tap into a local research organization,
  1. If you want to be an architect, you may want to design something. There are many architecture camps, but learning CAD over the summer at the local community college is also a great idea.
  2. If your interest is in creative writing or film, you need to write or contribute to a film. You can submit your work to local groups, enter contests and ask your guidance counselor about local opportunities to showcase your interests.
  3. Remember that other students gunning for the highly-rejective (yes, I mean that) schools will be moving to accomplish things on a regional or national level. If this is you, let’s talk about how we can turn up the heat this summer.