The College Application Process

The college application process can be stressful for a family but we got some advice from experts Elizabeth Almeter, Director of College Counseling at Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, and Lee Norwood of Annapolis College Consulting in Severna Park.

Tips for a Stress-Free College Application Process

  1. The timeline; when do high school students truly begin the college application process? Tours, considering things to include on their college applications such as extracurricular activities, volunteering, etc
  2. What does senior year look like for students- what are the first steps to applying?
  3. Types of applications- common app, individualized apps- what do applications look like and require these days? Is there much variation depending on the institutions? Commonalities?
  4. Test scores- the recent trend of either pause or full stop in requiring them at some colleges/universities. What’s the latest?
  5. What “types of decisions” are there: regular, early, early action, etc? Pros and cons of both?
  6. Advice on interactions with college admissions officers- what type of correspondence is appropriate and appreciated between a prospective student and an admissions rep?