In the good old days when your grandparents and parents were going to college, majors were pretty standard stuff. Engineering, math, biology, English literature, world history, French, or something comparable. Majors served the purpose of qualifying them for employment, but let’s face it – they often had unsatisfying careers because their work did not engage their passion.

Lucky you, Gen Z’ers! You Zoomers are digitally native and living in a very different world than the older generation. As part of your college journey, you have the good fortune of being able to select a major that provokes your passion! Here are just a few ideas to help you along in your thinking!

For our STEM kids, the world has really changed in the past 25 years for cool opportunities that play to your math, science and computer strengths. Biomedical and computer engineering are now mainstream. Innovative new majors include:

Gameplay Engineering – For students who love computer games, this is a natural and perfect career choice. Think of the opportunity to design creative worlds and bring them to life! While gameplay engineers often have a computer science major, there are now niche college majors with a. B.S. in Game Design and Development. Rochester Institute of Technology and Michigan State are two universities that offer these types of majors.

Theme Park Engineering/Experiences – Did you ever aspire to be a Disney Imagineer? An increasing number of schools are offering master’s degrees in this area, including Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Florida and University of Central Florida. At the undergraduate level, Indiana University-Purdue University offers a Themed Experience concentration in its Computer Graphics Technology major. A number of colleges including Ohio State and Auburn University have Themepark Engineering Groups within their undergraduate engineering programs.

Fermentation Sciences – Craft breweries and artisanal vineyards now proliferate throughout the world. Fermentation Science degrees combine chemistry and biology with a food and beverage focus on sustainability, biotechnology and business. Cornell, Appalachian State, University of California-Davis, and Southern Illinois University all offer a B.S. in Fermentation Sciences.

For our creative kids, there are also lots of new college majors:

Music – No longer relegated to classical music, voice or composition, there are many majors to choose from in the music field. Carnegie-Mellon offers a B.S. in Bagpiping. Nashville’s Belmont University offers a B.S. in Music Technology, which provides instruction in composition, arranging, and performing using technology as the primary instrument. The University of North Texas offers a B.S. in Jazz, while the University of Southern California offers a B.S. in Pop Music.

Theatre Arts – Who doesn’t love The Muppets – kind-hearted and shy Kermit the Frog, headstrong, egotistical Miss Piggy, and childlike and curious Big Bird? The University of Connecticut offers a B.S. in Puppet Arts. Representative courses include Puppet Production Techniques, Voice and Diction, Scene Design and Painting, and Trends in Contemporary American Puppetry. Or how about costume design? Carnegie-Mellon offers a B.S. that complements its highly regarded theater program. DePaul University in center city Chicago, and NYU’s Tisch School, offer costume design programs that not only emphasize the cultivation of practical skills, but also the historical and theoretical approach to costuming. Students with these Theatre Arts degrees can work in theater, film, television, museums and other artistic venues.

Screenwriting – Do you spend your weekends watching movies? Can’t get enough of thrillers, comedies, horror movies – in fact, any genre of movie? Why not pursue a B.S. in Screenwriting? USC, Drexel, Ohio University, and Vermont’s Bennington College are top-rated programs for screencraft.

For our kids who love the natural world:

If you love being in the great outdoors engaged in hiking, gardening, scuba-diving or tending to animals, there are many opportunities for you to follow your passion while earning a bachelor’s degree.

Mississippi State offers a Bachelor’s of Floral Sciences focusing on horticultural therapy, retail floral services, and garden design.

New Mexico’s Mesalands Community College offers a B.S. in Farrier Science, where you will learn equine anatomy, horseshoeing theory and blacksmithing.

Would you love to spend your career on a golf course? Penn State offers a Turfgrass major where you’ll learn such things as turfgrass nutrition and ornamental weed control. Possible jobs for such a major could include golf course and athletic field maintenance, and professional lawn care.

Nautical archaeology is the study of human relics in a harsh aquatic environment. The University of Indiana, the University of West Florida, and the University of Rhode Island offer a bachelor’s degree in this niche area.

Here’s a link to a great article about the most unique college majors by state.

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