It’s just about Thanksgiving and it’s wise to spend this break from school working on college admissions essays for the Regular Decision cycle. This applies to all students — even those who applied through Early Decision and Early Action policies. Why’s that, you ask? Because you won’t have time to write strong admissions essays to a host of schools to which you apply Regular Decision after you find out your Early Decision or Early Action decision(s).

Start writing your Regular Decision college essays before Thanksgiving dinner as you never know when the Tryptophan will kick in. For this young man in the front, it seems as though it already has…

The college application process can feel like a whirlwind of stress and deadlines, but fear not! I’m here to tell you about an approach that will make your Thanksgiving feast even more satisfying. Picture this: completing all your college applications before Thanksgiving. You heard it right! Before you grab a slice of pumpkin pie, clear your plate of supplemental essays.

Reduced Stress Levels:

There is sweet relief in completing all your applications before the turkey hits the table! By getting those Regular Decision applications done early, you can get through Thanksgiving dinner without the nagging thought of unfinished supplementals! And you will not be nagged by your family about “what you should do” because you are DONE. Pass the cranberry sauce please.

Increased Time for Reflection and Revision:

Don’t be a turkey and rush through those applications! Completing them before Thanksgiving gives you the gift of time – time to reflect, time to revise, and time to perfect your masterpiece (plus, we will have time to review them as our deadline is next Wednesday for ALL supplementals). Once you are finished with the applications, you can let your thoughts marinate, giving you the opportunity to go back in and tweak things prior to the actual due date.

A better senior year:

In order to have a great senior year and put applications behind you, don on your chef hats and cook up a storm of final supplemental applications and honor college essays before the turkey hits the table.

Your holiday will be a delicious feast of reduced stress levels, increased time for reflection and revision, and a strong answer to the “ What colleges are you applying to?” question from friends and family.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the early applicant gets the acceptance letter AND you will meet our deadline for reviewing your work.

Happy gobbling and happy applying!

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