So, you’re thinking about studying business? It’s the trendiest major right now. But, here’s the thing: colleges want to see that we’ve got some real-world experience under your belt. Don’t worry, though, we’ve still got time to come up with a cool summer plan.

Here are 7 ideas for us future business majors:

  1. Start your own business! What are you into? What are you good at? Figure out how to combine those into something people will pay for. For example, you could start a dog walking business if you love dogs and the great outdoors, or offer tutoring services if you’re a math whiz.
  2. Create a real or imaginary stock portfolio and learn how to research stocks and track results. Start saving now, and it will pay off in the future- even $5 a week will make an impact in your life. Future finance majors, this idea is for YOU.
  3. Create your own internship by asking to intern in a part of the business you’re interested in learning about. Don’t just rely on your school finding something for you.
  4. Get a job in hospitality, retail, sales, or any company really! It’s a great way to learn about different aspects of business, gain some sweet experience, and show that you’re responsible.
  5. Plan a summer reading list of popular business books. Here’s a list to get started. If you’re feeling extra, reach out to the authors and see if you can interview them over Zoom. This is also great content for a future essay you may be asked to write in the college application process. 
  6. Start a blog or podcast and interview peeps in different business careers to learn more about them. Get creative! You know you are always on your phone, so use it productively. 
  7. Volunteer at a nonprofit in a business capacity, like marketing, customer service, research, or operations. Look for organizations that address issues you care about. Ask your school counselor for guidance or check out to find local opportunities.
  8. Contact people in your circle for ideas: parents, neighbors, friends, and local businesses. You may find that a great opportunity is just next door. Some of the best ideas come from identifying a local problem and creating a solution. Informational interviews rock!
  9. Whatever you do, keep records and take photos. You can turn this into a press release and send it to local newspapers or magazines and get yourself in print. This is a wonderful proof of your work and a good thing to reference in college applications. 
  10. Love real estate and homes? Offer to help a local realtor with marketing- they would LOVE that and you would get some real-world experience. 
  11. Many entrepreneurs would love a part-time personal assistant-even I would love some help! Find someone who is doing something cool and offer to assist them a few hours a week.

Let’s crush it in the business world!