Studies show these are effective ways to achieve better test results:

Write your own study guide. It will help you evaluate the material and makes it easier for you to remember. Write down key points you need to remember for the test. Run it by your teacher. This way you’ll know if you are picking up the key elements of the material.

Disconnect. Put away your phone. Put it on airplane mode and walk away from it. Allow yourself to check it once an hour, when you take a short break from studying. If you’re having trouble with staying away from your phone, make it an incentive. Say to yourself, “After an hour, I’ll take a break and check it.” Do whatever you have to do to eliminate that distraction.

The 15-minute trick. If you’re struggling to get started, set a timer for 15 minutes. Spend that time writing or powering through the most undesirable task, and then take a break. This time may be all you needed to get focused. If the 15-minute trick works, you’ll be ready to keep working.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself positive affirmations and feedback. Encouragement can come from within. Sound a bit fluffy? Stress and negativity are not healthy ways to accomplish any goal. Manage your time, eat right, sleep enough, drink water, and definitely celebrate accomplishments.

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