Our past students and student ambassadors give THE BEST ADVICE. Here are 16 of their tips every freshman should know. 

  1. Go onto your student portal and apply for housing and find out ways to search for a roommate (they usually have a page or insta).
  2. Do not procrastinate on choosing classes; connect with your advisor ASAP and look at your general studies track to make sure you are taking classes that count. The early bird gets the worm. Honors students usually get first choice…hint, hint.
  3. Check out the video on our YOUTUBE channel –DORM ROOM TIPS
  4. Take any placement tests and gain an understanding of which of your AP’s and IB’s may place you out of certain 100-level courses. Some even give you credit toward your degree! You may be a sophomore before you know it.
  5. Leave breaks between classes so that you can get from A to B without stress.
  6. 8 am classes may sound like you can do it. But…really?
  7. DO NOT BUY BOOKS until you receive the syllabus and know that you actually will need the textbook. Also, renting textbooks, ordering online, and buying used books are the best bet. The student bookstore is NEVER the best price.
  8. Check on what type of computer is required. Many schools rent them and/or have backup computers for student use. If you decide to purchase one, check with your student center because there are always discounts offered for college students.
  9. Attend Admitted Students Day! It will set you on the right course, you will meet friends and have people to reconnect with when you move in, you will have a great overview of what is expected and what is available to you.
  10. Choose good friends. Meet your RA- they are good people. I was one, so I know. Seek out the nice ones, the responsible ones that will be there when you need them. Also find some really smart ones for study groups. Everyone is in the same boat: in a new place, looking for new friends, finding their way. You must strike out and take initiative.
  11. Get involved in multiple college activities. That is how you find friends and experience new things, both of which add to the richness of life. See college shows, learn a new skill, and explore your world. Even if an event sounds dull, go! You may meet like-minded people who also didn’t want to go or you may find that you were wrong and the event is awesome.
  12. Greek Life is NOT like your parents said it would be…whether they LOVED it or AVOIDED it. This is YOUR journey. Give rush a try- then decide. 
  13. Communicate with people when you are unhappy with them. Don’t keep your frustration inside because it doesn’t help you and they won’t change unless they realize how their behavior has affected you.
  14. When something does go wrong, or there is a problem, never be afraid to discuss it with your resident advisor, a parent, or another adult. Small problems can grow bigger and be harder to solve.
  15. Your Resident Assistant is not your boss or someone to avoid. They are excellent resources for you and your living situation, they will help you solve issues, they can explain things based on their experience and they do their job because they love the university and love helping people. They are friends, not foes. I was an RA and met my very best friend as well as many sorority sisters on my hall. I loved it.
  16. Get enough sleep (yeah right), get earplugs, eat healthy food, and exercise multiple times a week. It keeps your body and your mind working efficiently. Exercise is also an endorphin builder and lowers stress.
  17. Open a bank account that is easy to access at school. There are many student deals with banks and those will be accessible at the student center. You will need to manage your money wisely. Don’t spend cash on things already paid for in your tuition and meal plan. 
  18.  Stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Don’t walk alone in areas that are unpopulated on or off-campus. Know the blue light system and use it.
  19.  College is different from high school, you are responsible for everything you do, to get it done on time, and manage your life.

Best of Luck!!! The ACC Team and our Student Ambassadors at College Scoops www.collegescoops.com