Preparing for the SAT or ACT Test- We Have Great Advice and Awesome Resources

First, decide which test is best for you and only study for one. Colleges do not have a preference as to which test you take. Here are the differences, Click.

 Proctored, Practice Tests Online

You can take an online, proctored, practice test from your home free, as well as receive a detailed report on areas you should focus on. Some students can really benefit from the structure of this testing situation and the assessment. It is helpful to know what your score would be, and how you can improve. Sign-up for a mock test by clicking on this link, APPLEROUTH TESTING. The test will be scored and analyzed by Applerouth free, giving you excellent feedback on your areas of weakness. They will then suggest one-on-one tutoring to help you to address these areas. You do not need to use them, please feel free to find the best method for you.

Determine the Best Method of Study

Once you have taken practice tests, please determine your best method of studying. Some of you may want to take a class to get a thorough review of all the areas, some will like the convenience of online help, others may want private tutoring. Look at the costs and evaluate your learning style.

Khan Academy is the official site for SAT test preparation. The new SAT now covers 80% of the same material that the ACT does, so you can use it to study for either test.  There are many, many companies that offer help, please find a method that works well for you.

Some students need one-on-one, face-to-face tutoring. We have several individual tutors with whom we can connect with your family. Just ask!

Test Preparation Methods and Companies 

Applerouth Education Tutoring provides one-on-one virtual tutoring.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring for the SAT and ACT as well as many other subjects.

Compass Education Group offers free testing and scoring, as well as tutoring.

C2 Educate Tutoring with a branch located in Severna Park is a very good in-person tutoring location. free online test prep courses.

Princeton Review has class and online options.

ACT registration and resources for preparing to take the ACT.

Register for the SAT, get test dates to find out what to expect when you take the test.

Practice Now for Good Results Later

Take practice tests and get comfortable with the material, it should make a difference in your scores. Do a little every week, maybe an hour or three. This is like a sport, practice improves your game and score.

We are happy to help you formulate a plan for success.