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 Example of Superscoring: February 2018: English 27, Math 28, Reading 28, Science 28—Composite 27 April 2018: English 27, Math 30, Reading 31, Science 26—Composite 29 July 2018: English 29, Math 27, Reading 29, Science 30—Composite 29 If a student were to submit all three scores, the institutions below would pull the highest subtest scores from […]

College Application Tracker

Application Tracker College Application Checklist Keep Track of Your Applications Stay on top of your application tasks, e-mails, and deadlines. College 1 College 2 College 3 College 4 College 5 College 6 College 7 College 8 College 9 College 10 Applications Download info/application Common application Coaltion application Early application deadline Regular application deadline Essays How […]

11th Grade College Planning Timeline

Eleventh grade is very important in the college planning process, with standardized testing, defining your college list, connecting with teachers for strong letter of recommendation, and keeping your grades high.  This Fall – This year the college search process really gets going. Make your time productive Students should be participating in constructive activities during the year, colleges […]

Cross-Registration Options for Colleges

Attending a school with great cross-registration options can be a terrific way for you to take classes beyond those offered at your home institution, expand your horizons and experience academic life in a completely different setting. The Claremont Colleges, for example, allow students to take classes at any member institution (Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, […]

More Questions to Ask on Your College Visit

The more you know about each college, the better your ultimate decision will be. Ask questions and weigh your options. General Academics How much time do students typically spend on homework? How much writing and reading are expected? What is the average class size of introductory classes? How widely used are teaching assistants on your […]

College Interviews

Preparing for college interviews makes an enormous difference in the ability to get the right messages across to the admissions staff. Students can make a strong impression, which may significantly improve their candidacy. Preparation and practice are key. Some colleges have difficult and thought provoking questions while others just want to see if you would […]