ADMISSIONS officers are anxious, desperate even, to learn more about you through your personal statement and college essay. As they read through thousands of applications and essays, they’re looking for students who can show their drive, intellectual curiosity, initiative, diversity of experience, and community orientation through a compelling, engaging, well-written story.

BRAINSTORMING is the best way to home in on a unique topic that has meaning and relevance to your life and can show you in the strongest possible light. Lots of students feel that their essay must highlight a major life challenge or experience, but this isn’t true at all! Let’s face it, you’re only a teenager! Family traditions, personal experiences that created feelings of gratitude, or your role models are all excellent subjects for a college essay.

COLLEGE HERE YOU COME! Follow our college essay tips below and you’ll be well on your way to being accepted to the colleges of your choice!

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