Filling in the bubble… by Katie Rose-De Laet  October 13, 2020                                             ‘Twas the night before PSAT, and all through the house, all the students were thinking, “What do I do now?”
Perhaps it’s not a perfect rhyme, but you get the idea! The PSAT only comes once a year, and students often feel nervous the night before. Have no fear, Applerouth is here, with your last-minute PSAT tips.
Stop studying!
You’ve done a great job preparing for the PSAT so far: taking practice tests, going to strategy sessions, maybe even working with a tutor. But the night before the test is not a good time to hit the textbooks. For a test like the PSAT, it’s much better to focus on relaxing and getting enough rest the night before the test than it is to try to cram.
Take time to relax
On that note, it’s a good idea to find something relaxing to do. Since our brains are as unique as our fingerprints, we all find different activities relaxing. So pick something you love to do – going for a run, watching a silly movie, reading a book, playing with your dog, putting together a jigsaw puzzle – and let your mind rest for a bit.
Make sure you’ve got what you need
Before you go to bed that night, check your backpack to make sure you’ve got your test supplies ready. You’ll need pencils, your calculator (here’s the list of PSAT-approved calculators), a water bottle, and a sweatshirt (in case you’re sitting in a cold room).
Get a good night’s sleep
Hopefully, that relaxing activity you did will help send you off to dreamland quickly and easily. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your PSAT performance. It’s a good idea to turn off anything with a screen for an hour before bedtime; instead, consider playing white noise or soft music to help your mind unwind. Make sure you set your alarm early enough to give you extra time in the morning – just in case you need it.
Good luck on the PSAT to all our Applerouth students. We’re proud of you!

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Last-minute PSAT Tips

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